"Everyone ought to have this kit to help their family re-knit."
--Mark Victor Hansen Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series

What is Family Table Time? (Cont.)

Family Table Time was created by Neal and Jill Kimball of Family Communication Institute, Inc. We were a family of six to busy with all the "stuff" out there and not really experiencing our family. We committed to come back to the basics, and reclaim our family! We decided the best and easiest way to do this is was around the family table! Most of the parents of today grew up with this commitment but were easily letting this practice fade. Our family created a family strengthening tool called Family Table Time that is all about making the best use of our time around the family table! The importance of the value of families eating meals together is a passion that our family lives and wants to share with our country.

We saw the benefits happening in our family alone and decide to do some research. Spending time at the dinner table benefits children tremendously. Confidence is high, school grades are better, less chance of drug use and sexual promiscuousness is low. Family Table Time is a tool to bring

the family to the table and to foster communication, and best of all, the family has fun doing it! The time we have with our children is fleeting; it is imperative that we make the best use of this time together. We know that getting this tool out to families will make our society so much stronger!

We have found that the families who take part in Family Table Time have had wonderful and fulfilling encounters at the dinner table. The beauty of this is that it carries on throughout their every day family life. Communication sometimes needs to be encouraged and the process of Family Table Time is a wonderful vehicle to do this.

The main component of the kit are 50 paper table placemats that become a living journal and treasured family memento each week. Parts of the table placemat includes: a weekly Family Meeting Recipe Planner, a place to create your Fun Filled Family Outing (Our Weekly FFFO!) drawing and free space to draw, write and create. Your family members write their own individual memories about something they want to remember from the week. Also included is a “Get Cookin” resource guide that explains what Family Table Time is all about, walks families through creating their family mission statement, how to conduct weekly family meetings, and how to incorporate their own “sense of family” into the dinnertime hour.

The Family Table Time table placemat is the canvas upon which you will create your family memories. It becomes the foundation upon which you will start building your family relationships and where each week, family members jot down ideas, record experiences, catalog feelings, and set goals. In the center of the tablecloth is a table, where a family writes down its purpose and direction. There is also an area where family members can inscribe what they hold to be their most important values.

Our family has become so much stronger and happier. As we shared our story and kit with other families, we found we were not alone. After some encouragement, we decided to share more of the information we have learned over the years to help other families reconnect.

I hope you enjoy your Family Table Time experience!
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