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Family Table Time Strengthens Families

10 Benefits of Family Table Time

1. Improve Relationships

By spending one meal a week with your family (and Family Table Time), you’re improving your relationship with all of your family members.

2. Set Goals

Family Table Time will give you the tools to help your kids (and yourself) set foals for the future.

3. Have Fun

Kids and parents all love Family Table Time.  Make meal time fun again!

4. Cover the “Tough Topics”

Family Table Time will give you easy ways to teach your kids about the “tough topics” like drugs, online safety and current events.

5. Improve Self Esteem

By communicating with their family during Family Table Time, your kids are learning kills they can use to improve their self esteem outside of the family.

family playing outside

6. Better Grades

By discussing your child’s schoolwork during Family Table Time, you’re helping your child realize the importance of good grades.

7. Improved Nutrition

By spending one meal a week with Family Table Time, you’re spending one less day eating out leading to better nutrition for your family.

8. Stay Ahead of the “Family Curve”

When you share with your family during Family Table Time, you’re learning about your family’s concerns before they become problems.

9. Demonstrate Problem Solving

By showing your children how to problem solve (using Family Table Time), they will be better equipped to solve their own problems.

10. Create Memories

As your kids get older, they’re going to remember the time spend with their family (and Family Table Time) for the rest of their lives!

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