Family Table Time is a unique, dinner table conversation, downloadable starter kit!

For only $4.99 per month, Family Table Time will help you to:

  • Celebrate your family, weekly!
  • Build relationships that last a life time!
  • Give an everlasting gift of communication to your family!
  • Create a Family Table Time tradition!

Let's Family Table Time America!

Having dinner with your family makes it stronger!

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Making a Push to revive ‘family table time’
Watch Neal and Jill Kimball on Fox & Friends

Family Table Time is an innovative, all-in-one, 52-week family activity kit that establishes lifelong healthy habits, rituals, and traditions. The game materials gets you up to speed on having a weekly family meeting including new character/value topics, creating memories from the week, and staying organized. A weekly fun activity ideal for school aged families that promotes values, ethics and principles! Reclaiming Family Dinners: Jump Starting a Tradition for your family in 2020!


Each table place mat is 8.5″ x 11″ giving families a place to draw or write about their family conversation.
The table place mats become memories that families will cherish for generations!

Serving Up a Healthier Family ...on a Platter!
3 Weekly Family Activites

Give The Best Family Gift this Year

Discover Your Family

It is all about making meal time fun and bringing families closer together by helping them communicate in a fun and interactive way!

Download or Subcribe

Every month you will receive colorful and engaging weekly Family Table Time materials specially designed for full family participation.

Enjoy and Share

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A Real Solution For Real World Parents

Family Table Time is about engaging your family! It is all about making meal time fun and bringing families closer together by helping them communicate in a fun and interactive way!

Family Table Time is ideal for families that have children in elementary and middle schools. It’s a perfect way to give every family a unique gift and spread family engagement throughout the year while creating memories to last a lifetime.

What You Get With Family Table Time

Enjoy how Family Table Time can facilitate fun and engaging weekly family meetings where different character/education topics are discussed!

  • Agenda for family meetings
  • Character-based conversation starters
  • Quick and easy healthy family recipes
  • Suggestions for fun family physical activities
Bonus Items to Increase Engagement

Family Table Time is designed to facilitate a fun and engaging weekly family meetings in which a different character education topic is discussed each week of the year.

  • Quick Start how-to guide
  • Count Me In family commitment and mission statement card
  • Talking Torch tool

Give The Gift of Family Table Time

Each order placed today comes with a downloadable Gift Certificate with your purchase. You can add it to an email, or download the printable version and give your loved one a special personalized gift.

Look at What You Get Every Month!

You Will Receive the NEW Upcoming Month’s Content in the Last Week of Every Month! Printable Available for Immediate Download! The Family Table Time weekly content is in our Ready, Set, Connect format. They will take minutes to read through. A subscription to the Weekly Family Table Time content means you’ll get just one email each month that features our exclusive weekly content aligned for the upcoming month. Every template is adjusted in to a page and can be printed easily. The documents can be opened with any word processing software application.

52 Weeks of High Quality Character Values

What other Families are Saying about us

  • Our Family Table Time dinner lasted over 45 minutes, the kids didn't want to stop. Normally we can't drag them to the table, now they won't leave. We can't wait to do it next week!
    Adam T.
  • It was a great bonding experience with the whole family! Finally a time we could all focus on the family without any distraction. Plus, I have a special needs son who loved to communicate to with his drawings.
    Dory V.
  • I think Family Table Time is more intimate (than other tools) where you can ask the questions you want to ask. I think it's a great tool, especially when you add the game element.
    Charlie Patterson - Army E-5

Family Table Time Pricing Options For You



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  • Family Meetings Agenda
  • Conversation Starters
  • Quick Family Recipes
  • Fun Family Activities
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Count Me In Card
  • Talking Torch Tool

12 Months


10% Lifetime Discount

  • Family Meetings Agenda
  • Conversation Starters
  • Quick Family Recipes
  • Fun Family Activities
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Count Me In Card
  • Talking Torch Tool

Our Family Table Time Topic Can add More Value to Your Organization and is ideal for conference keynotes, seminars/workshops/breakout sessions, webinars, lunch & learns and network meetings. Speaking topics and presentations are tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

To find out more, email us.

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